Slide Great sales people are not born. They're MADE. We help tech companies
create a high
sales culture.|

Great sales people are not born.
They’re MADE.

A Sales Trainer Coach for Today’s World

You’ve sat through hours of training and nothing changed. No increase in sales. No better approach to closing deals. Just a waste of time. Sales training doesn’t work. I’ve studied all the methodologies and I know one-size fits all approaches aren’t going to move the needle. I roll up my sleeves to help people turn cold leads into closed deals through 1:1 and team based coaching.
If it were easy, you would have figured it out by now. The problem is bigger than a few hours of training. My coaching process is complex because your sales problem is complex.

Introducing: The ST2 Framework


Without the right Go-to-Market strategy, reps are left to their own devices to figure things out. We’ll make sure the plan is sound.


Aligning the structure of your process to the overarching strategy creates predictable and repeatable sales. 


Do you have the right people in the right seats? Let’s asses each rep and figure out how to get more out of them.


Once all the other pieces are in place, knowing what to do becomes obvious, but showing your reps *why* it works is critical.

Don’t just take it from me

Decisions don’t get made on a website

They also don’t get made in person anymore. But people want to talk to people. And I want to talk to you. Got a question about how you can improve your sales team? Throw it at me.