004 – Don’t Sell, Solve: The Presentation your Prospect Never Sees | Daren Tomey

004 – Don’t Sell, Solve: The Presentation your Prospect Never Sees | Daren Tomey

Sales – he was born into it. In this episode, Daren Tomey (@DarenTomey), VP of Sales at DemandJump, shares what to do and what not to do for a successful career in sales. From a young age, Daren understood that sales is beyond the product or service. By watching his Dad run an auto parts business he learned that a good salesperson solves problems by listening, not be speaking. To get to the root of the pain, Daren kicks off each meeting with the same question, “what are the three most important things you want to get from our conversation today?” Then he shuts up. The number one way that salespeople lose control is by dominating the conversation. “They show up and throw up,” and this is how they lose.


Daren’s routine is simple. Get up, research, be passionate. The first couple of hours of his day are spent researching upcoming meetings or prospects he wants to get meetings with. He knows that making the investment will pay off in the future and it’s not always immediate gratification. By doing this, you’re able to communicate you’re not just there to sell something.


  1. Listen: Don’t dominate the conversation. Spend more time listening and, ask better questions.
  2. Recharge: Celebrate the wins and give yourself some space to unplug so you can be at your best when it’s showtime.
  3. Research: If you’re selling to a public company a 10K can be a roadmap to gold.

Book Recommendations


  • Octiv – Transform the way your sales assets are created, distributed and tracked around the world. Because a better sales process is a better buying experience.

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