005 – Batter Up: Setting Ground Rules for a Sales Meeting | Jenny Vance

005 – Batter Up: Setting Ground Rules for a Sales Meeting | Jenny Vance

Jenny Vance (@JennyVanceIndy), Executive VP of Sales at Perq, uses her background in sports to capitulate the way she trains her sales team. In any new position, the learning curve can be steep, and Jenny explores a few key things to keep in mind when taking navigating the sales process.

In this episode, Jenny uses the concept of learning to sell in “a friendly batter’s box.” When companies bring new professionals on they are given a ton of information very quickly and expect reps to imitate the great “hitters” that came before them. But, just like great hitters didn’t learn to hit every pitch at once, by taking time to get to handle on each pitch (objection) in friendly confines, we can raise the expected level of success.


Getting deal breakers on the table early has been a game changer for Jenny and her team. She stopped believing she needed to convince people and started focusing conversations on the value she knew she was able to deliver. By creating equal business stature when talking with a prospect, you’re able to build long-term partnerships rather than quick transactional sales.


  1. Candor: Prior to kicking off a sales call, set the ground rules for the meeting.
  2. Practice: Stepping into the “batter’s box” helps great hitters hone their craft. The same is true for even the best salespeople.
  3. Be Proactive: Salespeople often lose control of the sales process when they get ahead of themselves in answering questions.

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