007 – Creating Money by Being Present | Peter Dunn

007 – Creating Money by Being Present | Peter Dunn

You may know today’s guest Peter Dunn better by his Twitter handle, @PeteThePlanner. When he’s not on a mission to make you a millionaire, writing books, or appearing on your TV screen, he’s enjoying Netflix with his wife. Pete’s journey started the moment he realized being a financial planner also meant having a career in sales.


When Pete hits a little bump in the road, he schedules an outward activity which forces his attention to solving someone else’s problem. This attitude allows him to shift the focus off of his own self-pity and focus on solutions. He’s applied this attitude to a proven sales technique, working to gain a decision whether it’s a yes or a no. If it’s a no, he knows two things, either he didn’t do his job which was to communicate the value, or he can’t solve the problem.

Pete approaches sales opportunities first by being present, which means removing distractions taking him out of the moment. Then, he works to create dialogue to unearth the pain points in order to develop an implementation plan. Pete tries not to focus on what he can sell or getting a yes, but instead on communicating value all centered on an actionable,buyable plan.

Follow Pete’s plan to find success in both sales and finances. You can check out his website, PeteThePlanner.com and receive 25% off anything in his store by using the code only found by listening to this episode.


  1. Lifestyle Creep: Even when you hit your sales goals and bring home a commission check, be careful to not splurge. Avoid the yo-yo effect and focus on achieving your financial goals by hitting your sales goals.
  2. Be Present: Know your stuff, but beyond the presentation know your audience and acknowledge the moment — not just your agenda.
  3. Personal Responsibility: Take responsibility for both the wins and the losses. Then learn from the no’s in order to better communicate your value.

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