008 – Advancing Your Career by Taking Risks | Todd Caponi

008 – Advancing Your Career by Taking Risks | Todd Caponi

Todd Caponi, (@tcaponi), SVP of Sales at PowerReviews, knew he wanted to be in sales after watching his Dad come home after work every day with a big smile on his face—a smile Todd now shares. Knowing where he wanted to go made all the difference in his career. After starting out as an average rep, Todd realized his passion for sales was in teaching. He took a risk by venturing out on his own and buying a sales training business. His thirst for learning and passion for understanding buyer behavior continues to define his success


With a learner’s mentality, Todd trains his sales team to teach prospective clients about their services. He’s found that customers want to learn, they want to get better, they love free information, and he makes sure his team is willing to share it. Following this approach Todd encourages his reps to align sales activities specifically to their buyer’s behavior.

By truly learning about their prospect, a rep can share ideas with they may not have thought of otherwise. The ‘art of the possible’ is the illumination of unexpected opportunities. Communicating these possibilities with a buyer forms trust, teaching moments for the rep, and a sustainable relationship that helps hit sales goals.


  1. Ask for Time on the Calendar: The best evidence a customer is truly engaged is their willingness to put you in their calendar for another discussion. Reps lose control of deals because they’re not getting on the customer’s calendar. Before you hang up or step out of the meeting, secure the follow-up.
  2. Develop a Thirst for Learning: To continue improving, stay engaged in your own education. Whether it’s reading books, listening to podcasts, subscribing to trade magazines or just participating in discussions, you have to stay current with both your buyer and your industry.
  3. Don’t Pounce: When handling objections, let the prospect believe that it’s the first time you’ve heard that issue and attempt to solve it specifically for them.

Book Recommendations


  • Octiv – Transform the way your sales assets are created, distributed and tracked around the world. Because a better sales process is a better buying experience.

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