013 – “No” Just Means They Haven’t Said “Yes” Yet | Jack Kusner

013 – “No” Just Means They Haven’t Said “Yes” Yet | Jack Kusner

Today I’m joined by Jack Kusner, (@JackKusner), Regional Director of sales at SmarterHQ, who has been responsible for building out a seven state territory providing contextual marketing solutions for retailers both in email and on the web. Jack began his career in sales at only 13, when he discovered the fact that people buy from people they like and trust and he had a knack for building relationships.


While sales provides new challenges every day, Jack tries to stay ahead of the competition by keeping himself educated on the changes happening in his target customers world. He’s constantly looking for industry trends and when he finds something relevant to one of his customer’s known pain points, he shares it with them, helping build a business case for they should talk.

One thing Jack has learned in his career is that more often than not, there is more than one buyer in a selling situation. Understanding not only who all the players are, but what their specific incentives are in addition to their direct pain points can be a struggle. However, without uncovering all the information, Jack said you may be walking into a landmine without even knowing it.


  1. Find Your Champion: When prospecting pursue multiple players inside the organization. Don’t just stop at the person who you think is the right person, by reaching out to multiple people you’re more likely to find someone who will at least pick up the phone and hear what you have to say. Turning them into your champion on the inside.
  2. Don’t Go it Alone: Let other people assist you wherever possible. Jack talked about the idea of always wanting to be the dumbest person in the right room. Doing so pushes him and makes him look at and think about things differently.
  3. Find the Real Pain: Whether you’re prospecting or right in the middle of sales cycle — what your product or service does is irrelevant. You have to understand and focus on the actual pain the prospect has and use their words to build a business case.

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