014 – Get Past the Gatekeeper and Talk to the Right People | John Logar

014 – Get Past the Gatekeeper and Talk to the Right People | John Logar

John Logar, (@johnlogar), Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant focuses on helping entrepreneurs start and grow their own consulting businesses. John has been in sales for over 25 years and his drive will leave you inspired.


One story that really stood out was how John created $800,000 in business in less than 10-months without a business card, phone number or website. Oh, and did I mention he was in the business of selling websites? That’s right, no website and he sold websites!

John knows that to start or grow a business you have to have a conversation, find the pain point and figure out a solution. But, before any of that can happen, you have to open the door to the opportunity and a lot of salespeople struggle there. While getting to the decision maker can be hard, John shares his five part email and call cadence that is effective even when a gatekeeper is involved.

Ultimately, If you’re clear about what you’re selling, how people benefit, who gets the greatest benefit and their buying motivation you end up with a sale. A sale which happens because the client wants to buy not because you’re selling it to them.


  1. Ask For More: If you want to be great at what you do, ask for more. Self-attitude, self-belief and confidence only comes when you take action. People tend to stop themselves from achieving all they can because they get caught up in self doubt and distractions.
  2. It’s Not About You: Forget about your website. Forget about your business cards. Forget about your PowerPoint deck. At the end of the day, all of those things are irrelevant. Find your prospects true pain and watch the solution present itself.
  3. Leverage Trade Shows: Walk up to the salesmen in the booth sand just start asking questions. Ask them what they have been seeing in the market? What kind of feedback are they getting from customers? What do they think people should be excited about? What are some of the trends people are talking about? As you start to see common themes, you’re likely to craft a better pitch or discovery question set.

Book Recommendation


  • Octiv – Transform the way your sales assets are created, distributed and tracked around the world. Because a better sales process is a better buying experience.

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