016 – Why You Need a Clearly Defined Sales Process | Nicole Hutzul

016 – Why You Need a Clearly Defined Sales Process | Nicole Hutzul

With a degree in education, Nicole Hutzul started her career teaching elementary school, only to find she really didn’t like children (other than her own, of course). Since then, she has networked her way into every role she’s had and has never applied for a job. Whether it’s new things, new jobs, new experiences or just new opportunities, Nicole is fearless.

Today, she is Regional Vice President of Sales for the Americas at Emarsys where she leads of team of software sales reps. Nicole says “it takes a village to close a deal.” It’s clear, she truly understands the importance of process, teamwork, and collaboration and the role each plays in creating a culture and environment that enables her team to be successful.

It’s that process that has led Nicole to the level she is today. While she says she’s never been “the best,” her consistency in following a repeatable process has been the key to her success. Every prospect you’re calling on has a revenue target they have to hit by a certain date. It’s your job to find out the limiting factors that may prevent them from getting there. If one happens to line up with your solution, you now have a real opportunity and can accurately forecast based on the customer’s timeline as opposed to your quarter end.


  1. Have a Process – This one should have been obvious from the episode title, but here’s the thing — if you don’t have a process, you have to adapt to your buyers process and they don’t know how to buy. As you define the individual steps in your process and what the exit criteria is for each, it becomes much easier to qualify, plan, and close opportunities.
  2. Ask for Referrals – You’ll never get anything in life you don’t ask for, and referrals are no exception. Make it a habit… actually, make it part of your process to ask everyone you come in contact with for one referral. If you’re able to describe to them the problems you solve, see if they know one person that might be having the same problem and could benefit from your solution.
  3. Act Like an Entrepreneur – It’s easy to play Tuesday Morning Quarterback, but until you really start to understand all the mechanics of RUNNING a business, you’ll never grasp why certain decision are made or not made. Until then, being resourceful and knowing which corners to cut or which risks to take can have a big impact on your career.

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  • Octiv – Transform the way your sales assets are created, distributed and tracked around the world. Because a better sales process is a better buying experience.

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