018 – From Girl Scout Cookies to Whale Hunter | Susan Lorkovic Zuzic

018 – From Girl Scout Cookies to Whale Hunter | Susan Lorkovic Zuzic

It all started with a few dozen boxes of Thin Mints and Caramel Delites. Today, Susan Lorkovic Zuzic (@SusanLorkovic) is the Vice President of Sales for Ad Tech at Oracle Marketing Cloud. She has been named Sales Rep of the Year on three different occasions, once by delivering 410% of quota. And she recently became a mom, which she said feeds her drive to succeed on a whole other level.

But before all of that, before the business meetings and sales discussions with some of the country’s top decision makers in the business world, she was a girl knocking on doors and learning some of life’s most valuable lessons.

“I just remember it was so uncomfortable and I didn’t want to (sell cookies door-to-door) and people were not always nice,” Zuzic recalls. “But what I learned really early on was that for every knock on the door that didn’t go well…every few doors somebody would be really nice about it, or somebody would buy something and then I realized that rejection wasn’t the end of the world and that you can keep going and that (the world) was actually a really long block and a really big neighborhood.”

That sentiment helped carry her into her first sales job, where she learned to put it into practice by putting her focus on people. And now, as she reflects on her journey, she credits fundamentals for the sales superstar she has become.


  1. Understand DISC Profiles: Understanding how a person thinks, and then communicating with them how they want to be communicated with, is key. One method to help identify how to most efficiently communicate with others is to learn about the personality traits that drive them using a tool like the (DISC) Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness Personality Test.
  2. Keep Your Energy Level Up: You have the answer to the tough questions, so sell with that in mind. Think outside the box. Ask the tough questions and run through walls in the process because you are confident in the answers you have to provide. Most importantly, do all of it with your head held high. The ability to stay positive amid the challenges you face will define who you become as a salesperson.
  3. Don’t be Single Threaded: In a hunt for whales, the bigger picture is essential in the road map to sales success. There is no single thread in larger organizations, where multiple decision makers are involved in sales decisions. Remembering to leave an impact on all the key players will help set you apart from the crowd.

Book Recommendations


  • Octiv – Transform the way your sales assets are created, distributed and tracked around the world. Because a better sales process is a better buying experience.

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