118 – #AskJB: Happy New Year

118 – #AskJB: Happy New Year

This week, Jim is back with another installment of #AskJB, where he answers listener questions. If you’d like your question answered, shoot us a note at www.SalesTuners.com/askjb — preference is given to voice questions.


  1. “I’m getting overwhelmed by to-do’s and feeling paralyzed by the struggle to get out of the hole I’m buried in. When I’m in the office, I’m lucky to get even one our of productivity out of an eight-hour day… often drifting off task to work on time wasting activities instead.” [2:42]
  2. “Should quotas be adjusted up or down based on how many inbound leads a rep receives?” [5:25]
  3. “Do you put pricing levels on your website to help people evaluate whether they fit with your business model?” [6:43]
  4. “You’ve mentioned sellers becoming Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the future. he then asked can you discuss the balance between developing sales skills and SME skills?” [8:40]
  5. “How do you work with the people who are ‘just looking’ the ones that have trouble making decisions?” [11:06]


  • What if every sales rep inherited the habits of your best rep? With Costello, they do.Costello

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