090 – AskJB | Jim Brown

090 – AskJB | Jim Brown

This week is a special episode where Jim Brown, (@Jim_Brown) Sales Coach and Host, answers questions submitted by sales professionals from across the board, SDRs, AEs, VPs, and CEOs. He selected ten questions for this first #AskJB show, we’d love your feedback on the format, tweet at us @SalesTuners or shoot Jim an email jim@salestuners.com.


  1. “Is it better to research your prospect before cold calling or just pick up the phone and dial?” [2:35-3:22]
  2. “What does one do when a promising lead turns cold or goes dark?” [3:37-5:26]
  3. “I have a deal in my pipeline that has hit a wall, how can I go over their head to the person who is likely more interested in the solution we can provide?” [3:52-5:26]
  4. “When a prospect was very engaged in the sales process but then goes cold, what do you recommend to do to re engage them?” [4:10-5:26]
  5. “There’s a lot going on with GDPR right now, how might that lengthen or change the sales process for customers with international data implications?” [5:27-7:25]
  6. “What are a couple of things a new BDR should do first to get up to speed quickly and start dialing?” [7:30-8:22]
  7. “What is one thing an exceptional sales person does that the average sales person would find surprising, and similarly, what does an average sales person do that an exceptional sales person would find equally surprising?” [8:28-10:14]
  8. “What is the number one issue sales teams are experiencing” [10:19-11:08]
  9. “I’m hiring my first sales rep after doing everything myself for the first six months — what are the things I need to do before they start and during the first 30 days to maximize their chance of success?” [11:14-12:14]
  10. “How does a company know which sales methodology is right for their organization?” [12:19-13:21]

If you’ve got a challenge you’ve been working through and would like to #AskJB for help, simply go to SalesTuners.com/AskJB.


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