The Real Deal

Are you tired of the motivational BS, abundance theory, blah, blah, blah coming from someone who hasn’t sold anything other than themselves in 20 years, if ever? I was too!

Like you, I’ve carried the bag, pounded the pavement, exceeded quota, and faced the daily rigor. I’ve negotiated with procurement, celebrated many victories on the last day of the quarter and also faced the misfortune of losing a deal I thought was a guarantee. Those battle wounds are what make us all better. I’ll roll up my sleeves and work right beside you to make it happen.

Meet Jim

I’ve helped lead two companies from $1 million to more than $10 million, and on the flip side, I took another company from $1 million in venture capital to bankruptcy. After picking myself up from that experience, I now help entrepreneurs who don’t realize they ARE the VP of Sales as well as individual salespeople who are hungry to hone their skills and find ways to do sales better.

For more than three years, I had the privilege of interviewing world-class sales performers about the attitudes, actions, and abilities that led to their success and shared those conversations on my podcast.

Today, my passion has shifted from a practitioner of sales to coaching others in what I believe is the best profession in the world. I’ve walked in your shoes, and seen the good as well as the bad, and I love being able to pass along the stuff that actually works in today’s environment.

Other Stuff:

Former Professional Wrestler

Lover of Cheap Pizza

Sergeant of Marines

World Traveler (Before Covid)

Dad to an Amazing Lil’ Boy

Nickelback Fan

Let’s Talk

If you want to talk sales with folks who’ve actually carried a quota this century, we’re ready when you are. If you want to talk about Netflix originals, the best steakhouses, pro wrestling or community gardens, we can do that too!