095 – The Difference Between Cooperating and Collaborating | Amy Appleyard

095 – The Difference Between Cooperating and Collaborating | Amy Appleyard

Amy Appleyard (@AmyAppleyard1is the Vice President of Sales for LogMeIn, focusing on their Communications and Collaboration line of business. LogMeIn is a top ten SaaS company with products that create simpler, more intelligent ways for people to meet, market, sell and train. She oversees teams of sales professionals who deliver on the company’s mission of enabling the modern workforce. Before LogMeIn, Amy provided leadership at Staples Business Advantage in numerous capacities, specifically with their Mid-Market Sales division as well as Finance, Strategy and Marketing.

After running a theatrical lighting design firm during her twenties, Amy decided to attend business school. She and a fellow student launched a small venture together, and with it came the opportunity to directly build a business plan from scratch. She was especially drawn to the step-by-step creative process of sales, and she never looked back.

Amy is a fierce advocate for empowering female leaders in the workplace, often speaking on behalf of equality at various speaker panels. She believes that women should drive each others’ professional success by acting as important supporters and mentors to one another.


  1. Understand How Your Prospect Makes Money: You already know how your company makes money and you already know how you make money once your company makes money. During the sales process, if you really dig in and figure out how your prospects make money, then you can sync your offering with their real incentives. It truly doesn’t matter what you sell if you can figure out how your offering impacts their revenue engine. That’s the key.
  2. Put Yourself Out There: Your network is not just going to build itself. You have to commit time in a given week or month outside your organization. Think about it just like you would building your pipeline. Who are the top 3-5 people you’d like to know? Reach out to them and ask for coffee or for lunch. Be genuine in your reasoning and figure out how you can provide reciprocal value. This effort you put in now will pay off in spades for a long time to come.
  3. Own Your Day: It’s been mentioned a few times on this show but understanding your own process and the things that make an impact or crucial to real success. Get organized and plan your day intentionally. Block on time on your calendar to do the things you know need to get done and don’t let the 5-10 minutes between meetings get wasted with goofing off because you can’t get any “real work” done in that short of time. Also, at the end of each day, recap the day and plan for what is going to happen the following.

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