058 – Reinventing Yourself: The BALD Truth About Selling | Andy Paul

058 – Reinventing Yourself: The BALD Truth About Selling | Andy Paul

What does Andy Paul (@realAndyPaul), Founder of Zero Time Selling, think when he sees a stack of books on a prospect’s desk? He sees mutual curiosity. As an author himself, Andy understands how those with a love of learning invest in themselves and look for ways to reinvent.

From selling ads for Stanford University’s student-run theater company, to women’s shoes at JCPenney, Andy got his first ‘real’ shot in sales after telling his soon to be boss “he was not going to BS him.” Safe to say this was foundational in his current approach to sales and the importance of understanding the human aspect of selling. It’s still a people business.

Buyers DO want to talk to a salesperson. They’re just tired of the pretenders. If we focus less on the metrics and more on the person on the other side, our results will be yield better relationships and more sales.


  1. Be Human: There’s a myth being perpetuated that buyers don’t have time for small talk anymore. This is just simply not true. Buyers want to connect with you on a human level, they’ve just had so many bad experiences with sellers that they turn off at the slightest hint of inauthenticity.
  2. Ask Killer Questions: Coming up with two to three anchor questions that spur conversation as it relates to your product or service should be the highest priority in your organization. Yes, even higher than a demo or pitch deck. You have to get a prospect thinking and that’s impossible to do if you are the one talking. The best possible question to ask is one they should know the answer to but don’t.
  3. Listen Without Filters: How do you receive information? How do you communicate information? What biases or filters do you have preventing information from getting through. When you’re listening to a prospect, are you focused on what they’re actually telling you or are you looking for a specific response that you can attack? Your ability to show empathy here can get you a long way.
  4. Deliver Value at Every Touch: If a prospect is going to give you their time, what value are you going to give them in return? What information is going to help them get closer to a decision? If you don’t know the answer to these questions before every call or outreach, why are you even doing it? You need to be intentional and deliberate with your process. If you’re not guiding them, then you’re just hoping the see something along the way.

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