122 – Building an Executive Network by Selling the Intangible | Anthony Monroig

You have to be the CEP of your region or the target accounts you're selling into versus just trying to be a salesperson.

122 – Building an Executive Network by Selling the Intangible | Anthony Monroig

Anthony Monroig (@anthony_monroig) is the Named Account Executive at SiriusDecisions, a research company that sells benchmarking data, best practices, and operational frameworks used to boost the performance of B2B firms.

Anthony will be the first to say that selling research—an intangible product—isn’t easy. But despite being the most challenging part of his job, it’s also the most rewarding. It forces him to dig deep into his market and connect with prospects in meaningful ways.

One way he does this is through “customer first social selling.” It’s a strategy he created to add a personalized human element to his sales process. Listen in to learn how to use his approach to create stronger bonds with your prospects.


  1. Plan Your Target Accounts: Too many sales reps take the shotgun approach when it comes to prospecting. To me, it feels like that’s the reason we get so many shitty emails and generic LinkedIn connection requests. Take the time to plan out who you’re going to target over the next 90 days. Whether that’s 100 accounts or just 30, you’ll be able to actually customize your outreach to each person individually, or better, work to find a common connection to make an introduction.
  2. Role Play with Your Companies Executives: Think about who in your company has served in the role of your target buyer. Whether that is by title or just responsibility, they have likely faced the same issues you’re trying to sell into. Practicing your cold call or pitch with them could provide great insight that you wouldn’t be able to get from a prospect.
  3. Gain Mutual Feedback on Losses: You all know how passionate I am about coaching — I mean, it is how I make a living after all. But, I can’t tell you how important it is to be able to first coach yourself. If you’re not willing to take the time to breakdown a call or a meeting and tell me the top three things you think you did wrong or what could be improved, well, the reality is, you’re not going to listen to anything anyone else has to say about it either.
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