#CoachesCorner 1 | Ashleigh Early

#CoachesCorner 1 | Ashleigh Early

In the last 5-7 years, there has seemingly been an explosion in the number of companies, both tech startups as well as more traditional businesses, that require salespeople. Unfortunately, in that same period of time there hasn’t been any magical creation of new sales talent.

That misalignment has led companies to over-recruit, under-train, and honestly… just hope reps “figure it out.” I’ve had some sales leaders tell me they’ll hire 10 reps knowing full well only 4 will work out. What in the world is going on?

Most sales reps actually know what to do — that has been drilled into them over and over. They need help understanding the why (and even the how) behind the what. Today, I’m talking with Vendition’s Ashleigh Early about this exact challenge and what both reps and leaders can do to fill the void with context and personalization.



What if every sales rep inherited the habits of your best rep? With Costello, they do.