094 – Temporarily Suspending Your Own Self Interest | Bob Burg

094 – Temporarily Suspending Your Own Self Interest | Bob Burg

Bob Burg (@BobBurgis the co-author of The Go-Giver, an international bestseller that challenges conventional wisdom about success. He also co-authored Go-Givers Sell More, The Go-Giver Leader, The Go-Giver Influencer, and is the host of The Go-Giver Podcast. In addition to writing, Bob also shares his sales expertise as prominent keynote speaker. With more than 25 years of experience, he’s spoken at conferences worldwide, sharing the stage with top business leaders, Olympic athletes, and even a former U.S. President.

Unlike some of our other guests who were born with the ‘sales gene,’ Bob admits that his first few months in sales didn’t go well. However, everything changed after devouring sales books. It was then he realized he didn’t have to figure everything out himself. All he had to do was tap into the knowledge of others and incorporate it into his own techniques.

Now, 40 years later, he’s a storehouse of wisdom himself. He notes one of the biggest mistakes in sales is trying to compete on price. In this episode, we learn why this critical mistake is a lose-lose situation for both the buyer and the seller, and how we can modify our approach to maximize success.


  1. Accomplish More With a System: I liked Bob’s personal definition of a system as simply the process of predictably achieving a goal based on a logical and specific set of how-to principles with the key being predictability. What I’ve seen is that pretty much anything we want to do has likely already been done. So, if we will put in the work and do the research to find the processes that worked for those that came before us, we can attain our desired results in less time.
  2. Don’t Have Money Be Your Target: If you set out on any venture with money being your main driver, you’re going to take some shortcuts that could do long-term harm. Your target should be serving others. Now understand, that when you hit the target, you’ll get a reward that comes in the form of money. And you can do with that money whatever you choose. Another way to think of it is, there are always two profits: the buyer profits and the seller profits because both parties come away better off afterward than they were beforehand.
  3. Pull Instead of Push: Influence is simply the ability to move a person or persons to a desired action. But the essence of influence is to pull them as opposed to push them. Great influencers attract people to themselves first and then to their idea. You’ll notice this also takes the pressure off of you. When you focus on the other person, you’ll gain more confidence because all you’ll care about is figuring out how the other person succeeds.

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