081 – Preparation and Endurance Enable Success | Brandon Bruce

081 – Preparation and Endurance Enable Success | Brandon Bruce

Brandon Bruce, COO and Co-founder, of Cirrus Insight, founded his company to help salespeople work faster and smarter directly in their inbox and calendar. Cirrus Insight was the first application to connect Salesforce with Gmail as in all-in-one sales productivity platform.

In only six years, Brandon has grown his company to more than $12 million in revenue and a #41 ranking on the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies list. His intentionality on innovating for exactly what his customers want has allowed the business to grow in a fast, efficient way.

The fundamental lessons Brandon learned growing up in a small rural town have carried him in his career. For him, preparation is what enables everything in the sales process (and life) to come together. In his mind, you are only able to move forward when you have things in the right order and the right place.

Brandon finds joy in doing those repetitive tasks many sales rep dread doing. He’s also the type of person who finds joy in endurance sports like racing a bicycle 508 miles across Death Valley. Regardless of whether you question his sanity, following the process and doing those ‘dreaded’ tasks is what it takes to finish races and yield high sales results.


  1. Do the Boring Work: The best salespeople I’ve ever met run the same process every single time. I know how boring that sounds to most of you, but the truth is you don’t have to get fancy in sales to win. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Focus on the little things — those foundational elements that you know actually move the needle.
  2. Control the Signal vs the Noise: With the volume of email being sent by sales reps today, combined with the number of calls being logged, you have to stand out from the crowd. Think about your own life — how many emails do you delete without opening? How many calls do you screen with caller ID and wait for the voicemail transcription to see if it’s worth your time? If you sound like every other sales rep out there, why would any buyer think differently of you?
  3. Vanity Metrics are Worthless: I’ll admit when personal email open tracking first came out I was thrilled. Until I started having prospects open the message 37 times and never hit reply. You know you’re in sales to close deals, so if you’re going to track numbers, don’t track things that are meaningless. When you send an email track whether or not it got a reply. Track whether the reply led to a scheduled meeting or an opportunity. Until you get to that level, you’re really just playing a guessing game.

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