061 – Understanding the Science Behind Personal Ambition | Brian Trautschold

061 – Understanding the Science Behind Personal Ambition | Brian Trautschold

Brian Trautschold (@BTrautschold) co-founder of Ambition, graduated during the recession of 2009. As a finance major, let’s just say it wasn’t the best time to be in the industry. So Brian entered the boiler room-esque world of sales, selling servers for Hewlett-Packard.

Working in a company as large as HP, Brian found it easy to get lost. Instead of hiding, he found ways to keep himself, and those within his sphere, accountable and motivated. He realized early on there was a science behind sales activities. It wasn’t just showing up and making the calls, rather it was tracking how the calls went, what times of the day was best to call, and most importantly, why.

Throughout his career, Brian has sought continual improvement. Like most things in life, he believes in trusting the process. He starts by asking, “what do I have to improve upon to get the results I want?” Then he works iteratively to create daily attainable goals. It’s much easier to hit your big goals when you start with bite-sized chunks.


  1. Call Executives Early: There’s been so many great takeaways on this show, that I’m surprised this has never come up. When you call on busy people, they are just that — busy. During the day they are serving the people in their organization. If you want to connect with them, do it before or after everyone else is in the office. I can personally tell you that I get more email response before 8am, than I do the rest of the day. I’ve also been able to connect directly with my prospects on the phone before their assistants come in.
  2. Reward the Little Things that Make Up the Big Things: I loved the Brian and I were on the same page with this. If all you are incentivizing or, as a rep, if all you are focused on is the end number or end goal, it can become very stressful when you don’t hit it. You also waste a lot of time figuring out what didn’t work. By having shorter feedback loop cycles and focusing on the smaller wins that create the big wins, we can all move mountains.
  3. Track Your Own Success: No one will ever care more about you than you will. I know they say “what gets measured, gets improved” and while it’s true, it’s even more important on a personal level. Forget the technology, put a sheet of paper in front of you and write down your goals, track your in-day performance, and make notes to yourself about what works and what needs to be improved.

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