054 – Pick-up the Phone: Getting Over Call Reluctance | Carrie Simpson

054 – Pick-up the Phone: Getting Over Call Reluctance | Carrie Simpson

If anyone has ever told you “alligators don’t eat car keys” — they’re wrong. Carrie Simpson (@ColdCallCarrie) has the story, and the bill, to prove it.

A recovering alcoholic, now 14 years sober, Carrie got into telemarketing because she couldn’t hold down a job. She knew large call center were always hiring and fortunately, was pretty good at it.

Today, she’s the founder and CEO of Managed Sales Pros where her and an ever-growing team call on IT companies to generate leads for other technology products. Carrie has learned so much about her target audience that she’s able to call on them just to have conversations. She calls this “organic pain-point identification.”

With her network and willingness to simply say “tell me more,” Carrie is often seen as a trusted advisor to the companies she calls on. And as a whole new generation comes into the workforce who didn’t grow up on the phone, she’s constantly testing new approaches to get them to pick-up.

Out of the office, Carrie is all about living in the moment. She’s marked so many things off her bucket list in the last year, she talked about the need to put more focus on work and less on play for a bit. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t still trying to barrel on her surfboard.


  1. Overcome the “Send Me Info” Objection: The goal of cold calling is not to just send information, but to get into a conversation. That said, I know every has to deal with the prospect who just says “send me some information and I’ll take a look.” One of the best ways I’ve dealt with this objection is to counter with, “I’d be happy to, but we have 347 different one-sheeters and I have no idea which one I’d send… can you tell me more about what you’re looking for?”
  2. Qualify Anyone Who Will Take the Call: What do you absolutely need to know from a prospect before you can move forward? All too often reps focus on titles thinking they can’t get a deal done without talking to the highest person in an organization. If you understand the true qualification criteria, you may realize you can use multiple people in the organization to not only gather that information, but also to build champions for you internally.
  3. Be Patient with The Process: Unless you sell a product that is conducive to a one-call close, realize you’re not going close a prospect on your first call. I say that because if you get comfortable with your process, you’ll start to see patterns form in the timing you’re able to catch someone, you’ll see patterns in follow-up strategies, and you’ll see patterns in discovery and objections. These patterns can illustrate an opportunity to streamline your goals by practicing patience.

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