110 – Delivering Value by Becoming a Prospect’s Advocate | Carson Heady

110 – Delivering Value by Becoming a Prospect’s Advocate | Carson Heady

Carson Heady (@CVHeady007) is a Cloud Transformation Specialist at Microsoft and the author of the Birth of a Salesman series. Carson has been at the top of the sales leaderboard at four different companies ranging from start-ups to large enterprises, and he credits his success to always seeking to become an advocate for his prospects.

His career in sales started with what he thought (and hoped) would be strictly customer service but ended up turning into a phone sales job. To his surprise, he was a natural. He found he didn’t need to be the smartest person or know every technical aspect of a product, instead, he just focused on how he could help.

One area Carson attributes to his success is a strong foundation of solid prospecting. He believes one of the most effective ways to connect with hard-to-reach prospects is to reach out to their organization using the “numbers game” strategy. In this week’s episode, learn what this strategy is and exactly how Carson has been able to get face-to-face meetings with many high-level executives.


  1. Become an Advocate: As a seller, you will never benefit if a prospect goes down a path that isn’t going to benefit them. We’ve talked a lot on this show about the need to truly listen to your buyer, and it’s true — you have to understand what factors they’re facing internally and externally, what deadlines they’re up against, and what investments they may have already made. Once you’ve done that, then you can align your resources from content to people to offer the best solution that’s unique to them.
  2. Make Quality Touches: Who benefits from messages that are “just checking in?” If you said “nobody,” you’re right. Every outreach you make needs to provide value to your prospect. Think about how you can use business journals, social media, or another news platforms to encourage conversations and show that you’ve heard your buyer and understand their challenge. Do not mistake what I’m saying — by no means am I telling you to never go for the sale, I’m just telling you that, done right, building a relationship based on the value you add outside of your product can make a big difference.
  3. Quit Focusing on the End Result: Building on both the previous takeaways, understand that I know you have a quota to hit. But, by always focusing on the end result, the thing you want most (a signed contract), you could be pushing your prospect farther and farther away. Start thinking about what is the best possible next step. Want to secure a meeting with the Vice President? Maybe you should talk to 2-3 of her direct reports first and learn what matters. Want to close the deal by end of quarter? Maybe you should have an alignment meeting to understand both the internal resources they’ll need and what other projects they’ll be working on at the same time.

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