040 – The Rise of the Silent Sales Floor | David Dulany

040 – The Rise of the Silent Sales Floor | David Dulany

It’s hearty. It’s good for you. And for David Dulany (@DKDINSF) of Tenbound, growing it is a bit like growing a sales business. He tried to grow everything he could in his Bay area front yard, but nothing would take. Until the collard greens, that is.

Now the greens are thriving, much like David’s career at Tenbound, a consultancy focused on sales development he founded to put an end to the silent sales floor.

He’s also the host of the Sales Development Podcast, and has spent over a decade in sales. A father of two boys, David grew up reading the encyclopedia for fun and lives his life with tremendous gratitude.

His game plan for life is trial and error and when you find a system that works for you, the best thing for your career is to embrace it each and every day.

Developing a strategy, plugging in the tools and learning from the results are the steps to success in his book. Oh, and it never hurts to add some collards to your morning shake to start the day off right.


  1. Everybody is in Sales: Personality can only take you so far. Introvert or extrovert doesn’t matter and doesn’t define you as a sales person. What does is how you sell. No matter what you end up doing, you are in sales. Whether that means selling your ideas to your boss, selling co-workers on a new approach to a problem, or directly selling a service to a customer — everything starts with sales.
  2. Break the Silence: I’ve been in a enough sales rooms to tell you the silence is absolutely deafening today. On one end, you’ve got a whole bunch of brand new salespeople with no business acumen and hole bunch of “tools” in their hands they have to try to figure out. On the other end you’ve got more experienced reps going into conference rooms to “make their calls.” All of this has got to stop. Let’s work together, out loud, to move the needle.
  3. Go For No: It’s one thing to know you’re going to hear “no” a lot. It’s something else entirely how you approach it. Instead of making a goal to set five appointments, make a goal to get 100 people to tell you no. Now, even if you get to your goal of five appointments, you have to keep going, because you haven’t gotten your 100 no’s. Want to see the immediate impact of this? For the next week, try to get 20 no’s a day in your personal life. Ask for your coffee for free. Ask for a discount on your lunch. Ask your cable provider if they can lower your bill. You’ll be surprised what happens when you just start asking.

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