002 – Finding Success through Personalization at Scale | Derek Grant

002 – Finding Success through Personalization at Scale | Derek Grant

In this episode, we hear from Derek Grant (@derekgrant), VP of Sales at SalesLoft. His sales initiative and drive will leave you motivated and eager to make that next call. Derek explains that it’s not his job to help his sales team just to make their number, but for them to be able to “beat their number, kill their number, crush their number!” He inspires this motivation through a clear sales process including sourcing 40 meetings per month for his AE’s. Through pleasant persistence, Derek’s team is trained to handle objections at any stage. However, he knows the objections raised at the beginning of the cycle provide ammunition to overcome objections raised at the end of the process.


Closing deals at any cost is not the endgame. It’s not about creating discounts or offering a lower price, but instead, it’s about communicating value. Data should be driving your team’s behavior, and the level of success will rise when team members see one another’s success.

The biggest obstacle to address is overcoming the status quo. Be inventive when it comes to reaching your prospect. If you’re going to spend the time to write an email or make a call, then make it personal. Your activity ought to be something that is going to resonate with the prospect. Once you’ve got their attention, take your time with the discovery process. Most reps spend too much time on the close, yet the relationship is established in discovery, so spend time here. It will pay off.


  1. Pleasantly Persistent: Keep pursuing your prospect using personalized messaging while communicating value. Overtime, the relationship will unfold so that you spend your time on qualified and interested buyers.
  2. Make it Personal: Although tempting, don’t just use the templated email that you know won’t get opened. Spend the time to identify details about the person you’re emailing and get creative with it.
  3. Email Subject Lines: Using anonymous data across all clients, SalesLoft has determined the top subject lines had three things in common – they were three words or less, they contained some sort of mail merge data, and they contained a question mark.
  4. Discounting: While obviously wanting to maximize contract values, there are four appropriate situations where you can provide a discount. Can you get your prospect to sign a longer term commitment? Are they buying the highest version or package of the service? Can they buy higher quantity of the package or service? Are they able to buy today or pay cash upfront for the entire order?

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