116 – Do Your Homework: Shifting the Burden Off Your Buyers | Frank Schneider

116 – Do Your Homework: Shifting the Burden Off Your Buyers | Frank Schneider

Frank Schneider is the CEO of Speakeasy AI and former VP of Sales at Creative Virtual USA. During his tenure at Creative Virtual USA, he helped grow revenue by more than 300% and secured more Fortune 500 enterprise virtual assistant deployments than any other competitor in the space.

Frank is a Philadelphia native and grew up immersed and influenced by its vibrant hip-hop culture. Here, he began his career as an English teacher for court adjudicated teens. This position ended up serving as the ultimate salesmanship training program. After all, if you can figure out how to sell a troubled teen on the value of analyzing a poem, you’ve got some skills.

Looking back, he says the people skills he learned as a teacher has been instrumental in the success he has today. Listen in to learn how he’s incorporated these skills into his sales strategy, and how you can use them to take your career to the next level.


  1. Ask Direct Questions About the Sales Process: Buyers that are interested and want to actually buy are more forthright with information than you may think. They want you to know what has to happen, but it’s your responsibility to ask, and you need to be direct about it. For instance, the last time you bought something like this, what did that process look like? Did you buy alone or were other people involved? How long did it take? Knowing these details can help you understand not only what’s real, but also how to accurately forecast your pipeline.
  2. Arm Your Buyers to Help Them Buy: No, I don’t mean white papers or any collateral that marketing has put together. I mean, understanding what problems they are actually trying to solve, use cases they’re thinking about, or concerns they have about selling internally. Then, connect them with customers who have bought from you in the past. From a prospecting standpoint, you may even be able to host a dinner or event where you can get multiple buyers in the salesroom that have similar problems and let them talk about it with each other. Building these relationships when you’re not trying to sell them anything is even better long-term.
  3. Know Your Funnel Math Equation: This still ceases to amaze me, how many people don’t know the math behind their quota or pipeline. So much, that I actually created a workbook for it that you can get at SalesTuners.com/roadmap. It’s quite simple. What is your average contract value? How many of those deals will it take to meet your quota, whether monthly, annually or quarterly? What’s your winning percentage on the opportunities you create? How many prospects do you have to talk to in order to create one opportunity? Once you know this formula, you put together a plan to 2X or even 3X your output.

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