103 – Building Clarity of Conversation into Client Relationships | Hector Garza

103 – Building Clarity of Conversation into Client Relationships | Hector Garza

Hector Garza is a sales manager at Trint, a modern platform for automated transcriptions and content collaboration. He currently runs business development and sales for Enterprise in Latin America, USA, Spain and Eastern Europe.

Hector is a true student of the world, having grown up in Mexico, completing his Master’s studies in both London and Budapest while currently residing and working in London. His wife works in procurement – he often jokingly describes her as the enemy, given that her line of work intensely focuses on cost savings. He believes their conversations have provided him with “insider knowledge” regarding the highest priority of buyers: obtaining maximum value.

Starting out in sales, Hector felt he wasn’t finding suitable solutions due to his preconceived notions of his potential buyers. By embracing brutally honest feedback, both giving and receiving, it has contributed to his professional growth by fostering a genuine perception of himself to his clients.


  1. Give Your Prospect What they Need: Notice, I did not say “give your prospect what they want,” there is a difference. No longer are salespeople the gatekeeper to information. It is our job to facilitate the best buying experience we can for prospects. In that mutual exchange, it’s important to listen to your buyer and decipher the difference between what they need and what they want. Are they asking to see certain features? Guess what? They’ve probably done their homework and need to see that to determine if they want to engage in a full sales cycle with you. Forcing your process on them to start from the beginning could kill a real opportunity.
  2. Evangelize What You’re Great At: I don’t believe it’s possible for a product or service to be the best in literally every category. Yet, every day I hear reps talking about how they’re the best this and best that. Although you may not think so, I assure you this is a turn off to prospective buyers. That said, I absolutely want you to tell the world about the things you’re great at or do really well. This is especially true at the beginning of the buying process. I like to see reps handle objections by accurately responding and then pivoting the message to highlight how the prospect could add additional value by considering something they may not have seen.
  3. Don’t Shy Away From Brutally Honest Feedback: If you haven’t read the book Radical Candor, it’s one I definitely recommend. The gist of it aligns with what Hector was saying with the notion of not only being open to direct honest feedback in yourself but also building that clarity of communication in the relationship you have with buyers. Depending on how you were raised, the directness could be a challenge in the beginning, but if you keep working at it, you’ll see just how appreciated it is.

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