109 – Uncovering Truth: Selling to Someone’s Multiple Layers | Jermaine Edwards

109 – Uncovering Truth: Selling to Someone’s Multiple Layers | Jermaine Edwards

Jermaine Edwards (@jsaedwards) is a Key Account Growth and Customer Relationship Consultant at Irreplaceable Advisory Group. He helps sales leaders become irreplaceable to their most important customers by building value through relationship psychology. With two failed businesses under his belt, Jermaine has become a true student of the game, focusing his studies on the psychology of human relationships.

Jermaine’s journey into sales psychology began after running out of money as a university student. Needing a quick payday, he walked into a ballet studio, and with absolutely no dancing experience, convinced the owners to give him a job teaching classes. It was in that moment he realized the power of sales. By meeting the studio owners where they were, seeking to understand their problems, and positioning himself as someone who could solve those problems, he successfully closed his first deal.

Since then, Jermaine has committed his career to developing a psychology-based system an organization can use to make their offering irresistible to their ideal clients. He believes in doing so, you’ll never have to worry about clients changing to lower-cost service providers. Listen in to learn how to apply Jermaine’s system to your own organization.


  1. Relationships Begin With Intent: You don’t need me to tell you this, but buyers can sniff a hard sell coming from a mile away. The long-term relationship you’ll build begins with the first conversation you have. Find a way to align your goals with their needs. And no, that does not mean you have to sell them something. Steven Covey said it best, “Seek First to Understand.” I know you have a quota, but if your first intention is to better understand your buyer’s world, you may actually discover a way to help them that doesn’t include your service. Now, what do you think will happen when they do need what you’re offering?
  2. Realize You’re Selling to an Individual: My guess is if you’re listening to this podcast you’ve either been given ideal customer profiles or you’ve built your own persona of what a typical customer should be. While commonalities do exist, you have to understand each person you come in contact with has their own map of the world. The lens they see the world through guides how they receive the information you share. Understanding how they think should be your most important objective.
  3. Emotions are Always Attached: Within the context of your conversation, it’s important to look for the specific emotions your buyer is exuding. How they’re interpreting or speaking about something and what they’re attaching that emotion to will tee you up for being able to move them. You’ll first want to attempt to remove the attachment with something helpful or reassign the emotion to something else allowing you to work collaboratively toward a particular goal. Remember, as humans, emotions guide our decision while logic allows us to rationalize after the fact.

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