032 – Engineering a 28-Step Sales Process for Predictable Prospecting | Marylou Tyler

032 – Engineering a 28-Step Sales Process for Predictable Prospecting | Marylou Tyler

Marylou Tyler (@maryloutyler) is her name and sales process is her game.

A triple threat in her own rite, Marylou has an analytical mind that functions best in social situations. She started as a systems engineer at a Los Angeles think tank, but her ability to talk with clients and interpret the requests they had for development caused her to shift focus.

As she transitioned into supporting sales teams, she started applying her background in process development to her sales cycle and there was no turning back after that.

Now, Marylou is the Chief Executive Officer for Strategic Pipeline, and her success in lead generation, predictive dialing and outbound prospecting lead her to co-authoring “Predictable Revenue” with Aaron Ross as well as her new book, “Predictable Prospect.”

An ode to her training as an engineer, Marylou says her key to success has always revolved around process. Her experience as a computer engineer with a computer science degree and a background in electrical engineering has earned her the self-proclaimed title of “nerd.”

From a young age, she enjoyed being able to break things down into a step-by-step process that leads to predictable outcomes. Now, after thirty years in the business, her mindset has essentially created a whole new, not to mention successful, sales strategy.


  1. Know When to Walk Away: Most of us are eternally hopeful, but it’s often more prudent to be realistic. If you have a strong pipeline, work it. Don’t be afraid to push back, but also recognize when something isn’t working. If it’s not a good fit, the square peg will not fit into a round hole over time. Have a set list or set of criteria you look for in initial meetings, and if the client doesn’t fit, move on. While everybody may be a prospect, not everyone is a good prospect. Recognize the difference as early as you can.
  2. Trade Discipline for Habit: Think of prospecting like you would brushing your teeth. It’s different than being disciplined, it’s habit. It’s something you do every day without thinking. There’s a good reason people lose weight, then gain it and lose it and gain it again. They can have all the discipline in the world, but if working out and making healthy choices is not a habit for them, the discipline is for naught. Incorporate prospecting into your daily routine prevents the peaks and valleys. The habit become so ingrained into your mind that it would feel weird if you missed it.
  3. Become a Student of the Game: Talking to the right people at the right time in the right role at the right stage of the pipeline is a magical formula for success, but how do the stars align so beautifully to facilitate such perfection? The key here is studying your process and knowing your numbers. As each sales cycle unfolds, what patterns can you identify? Are there common stalls or objections? Finding repeatable solutions can put at the top of the leaderboard in no time.

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