038 – Sales is All BS: Belief System That Is | Matt Millen

038 – Sales is All BS: Belief System That Is | Matt Millen

He’s sold everything from $1 car washes by hand to Gateway Computers.

Now Matt Millen is the Senior Vice President of Revenue at Outreach, an outbound sales engagement platform. And he’s known as a sales turnaround expert.

But all of that wasn’t without humble beginnings.

When Matt was old enough to walk, he was old enough to sell. He washed cars for a dollar per car, ran paper routes and washed dishes in a restaurant before he learned his true calling. A credit manager at a bank within his first year, Matt thought he could do more. Actually, he knew he could be more.

And so his sales career really began.

A lot has changed in the 30 years since, at a time when the seller needed a buyer as much as a buyer needed the seller. Nowadays everything is different, but that hasn’t stopped Matt. He even led sales for Tony Robbins, a successful American businessman best known for his work in the written word.

He believes in the power technology can have in sales, that automation doesn’t dehumanize us. Instead, it makes us better because automation gets you up to the plate, but that’s when sellers get to swing.


  1. You Get What You Give: The quality of what you put into a sale is the quality of what you get back. Success is in itself a habit and there are rituals that go into creating success. The numbers play a role and the tools available are important, but ultimately it’s what you put into a sale that matters. It’s who you are, what you have to offer and how you offer it that closes a sale.
  2. Believe in Something: It’s different for everyone, but one tried and true belief system focuses on the importance of having a story, being active and having a positive mindset. Great sales reps live and breathe their business. They tell a story with a passion, conviction and soul. They are active in conversations and they believe in their heart that their product, that their business, is going to help whoever they are selling to.
  3. Learn From What Works: Trusting the process matters. If there’s a process, run the process. Learn the script. Don’t reinvent the wheel unnecessarily when something is working. Once you master what’s in place, then you can look for new ways to learn and engage. Most importantly, understand that hard work defines what you do. It may not always be easy, but sometimes you just need to put pen to paper and do the work. There are no shortcuts for success.

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