076 – Hacking Sales: Doing More with Less | Max Altschuler

076 – Hacking Sales: Doing More with Less | Max Altschuler

Max Altschuler set out to design a well balanced fulfilling life. Along the way, he created Sales Hacker a business he can run remotely, which he has grown from a 4-person meet up to an international community of actual practitioners. As the founder and CEO of a sales organization, Max is an expert at using technology to accelerate his own sales cycles.

Max grew up with the mentality that sales are in everything you do. Taking the lessons he learned from the businesses he’s built, he wrote the book Hacking Sales: The Playbook for Building a High Velocity Sales Machine.

Being the entrepreneur he is, Max tests things at scale then doubles down on what works. The sales hacking mentality is all about doing more with less. He’s focused on the future of sales, teaching companies how to use new tools and techniques to accomplish their goals.


  1. Outsource List Building: While you need to own the process of creating and validating your ideal customer profile, you can and should outsource the data gathering. Using the idea of virtual assistants from countries like the Philippines, building targeted lists of prospects can be done quick and cheap.
  2. Build Outbound to Create Inbound: Instead of blasting inboxes with requests for 15 minute conversations, leverage your outbound messaging to deliver information that entices prospects to click through to your site. Then, using a chatbot tool like Drift, those visitors qualify themselves, generating conversations actually worth having.
  3. Optimize for the Long Term: When comparing opportunities, consider the long term value of opportunities over short-term money. OTE is often a mirage. Make sure you ask the question to understand how many reps actually hit quota and achieve the expected OTE. Oftentimes, it makes more sense to take less money today in order to work for a better sales leader or CEO.

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