Sales 360° – It all starts here.

We’ll start at the top by understanding who your customer is and how you’re going to market. Next, through a series of workshops and assessments that are tried and true, I’ll uncover specific gaps and expose areas where you and your team have the most opportunity to improve.


Collaboration to establish forward-looking goals so we can prepare and coach the right structure, team and techniques. (Are you looking to raise a round of capital? March to profitability? Reduce churn?) 

We pinpoint the key objectives and aggressively build our plan of attack

We'll dive deep into the goals and make sure they are the actual best goals to push you forward


Stages in Salesforce should not drive the steps in your sales process if you want predictable revenue. 

We craft a process specifically for you to close deals and build long-standing relationships with customers

This structure is unique to you, not the same old system everyone else is using, setting you apart and giving you the edge


Creating an environment that makes the most of each team members’ skill-set.

Your team is one of your most valuable assets, the ST2 Framework makes the most of everyone on your team

We’ll help you build a positive culture to not only get more from the team, but attract other top salespeople


Coaching the attitude and actions needed to implement a sales methodology that impacts the bottom line.

Technique is everything. Anyone can give you tips on how to close more deals. We work with you on the techniques to put sales tactics to action

Technique breeds acceleration. We don’t teach you what to say, we coach you on how to say it with dollar winning impact

Things are about to get a little uncomfortable.

Isn’t it about time to eradicate the status quo? If so, we will be asking you to get comfortable with feeling a little uncomfortable, which is what happens when we expose pain. But we promise, it will all be worth it.