051 – Humble Yourself: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable | Mike Julian

051 – Humble Yourself: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable | Mike Julian

What do you do when job market dries up right as you’re graduating college? For Mike Julian (MikeyJulian), the answer was to pack up everything he owned and move to Southeast Asia. But hey, life experience, right?

Growing up as one of six kids living in a trailer, Mike has always been resourceful. His first sales job he says was selling golf balls to golfers that he’d found in the woods.

Today, he’s a key account executive for Vidyard, but it was those five years he spent overseas learning and growing both personally and professionally that shaped his career. Imagine not knowing anyone — friends, family, co-workers — truly starting from scratch. Mike said he’s was comfortable with the uncomfortable because it’s all he’s ever known.

Back then you could get by just putting in the work and making your calls. Fast forward 10 years and buyers today are inundated with calls and their inboxes are flooded with spam. To break through, Mike believes reps need to level up and think like a franchise owner as they develop their territory.


  • Effort + Execution + Empathy: It used to just be a numbers game. You put in the work, you made your calls, you sent your emails and it produced results. Then everyone started ramping up the volume. Today you have to not only put in the effort, but also apply strategic execution and have empathy for your buyer. Have you done your homework? Do you understand the real challenges they’re having? Do you actually care? Prospects buy from us because they believe we can get them to a place they can’t get to on their own.
  • You Can’t Lose What You Don’t Have: Too many reps focus their energy on everything that could go wrong instead of what might go right. Very similar to Mike’s story, I didn’t come from much. So knowing that I’ve done without before and been fine, I have a different perspective on the world. I’m willing to take risks that others may not because I don’t have a false sense of security.
  • Short Term Thinking vs Long Term Thinking: It’s the difference between “I want to sell to this company today” vs “I want to build a relationship that may carry me throughout my career.” Yes, I know you have a number to hit this week, month, and quarter, but if you put in the work today to build a solid pipeline, you can give yourself the freedom to build lasting value with your prospects.

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