092 – Moving From ‘Can Do’ to ‘Has Done’ | Paige Drews

092 – Moving From ‘Can Do’ to ‘Has Done’ | Paige Drews

Paige Drews is the Head of Sales at Indio Technologies Inc., a software company helping property and casualty insurance agencies streamline their customer experience. Prior to joining Indio, she successfully rose through the ranks at OutboundEngine where she played a crucial role in training five of the company’s all-time top performers.

As a natural-born seller, Paige has a knack for figuring out what makes people tick. However, it wasn’t until her life hit “rock bottom” before she decided to dive into the world of sales. After establishing herself as a high-performing sales rep, her supervisors were concerned her skills wouldn’t transfer to a management position. Determined to prove them wrong, she not only moved from rep to manager in just one weekend but led her team to crush the sales goal within her first month as a sales manager.

Having fought her way up the sales ladder to where she is today, Paige offers valuable insights beneficial to both new sales reps and experienced leaders. Whether it’s developing relationships internally or with prospects, Paige suggests listening more to understand where they’re coming from and how you can help.


  1. Sell From a Place of Pain: There’s been a lot of debate lately, even on this show, about whether pain based selling still works. I’ll forever be in the pain camp as the way to go because basically, human psychology sees us trying to move away from pain more often, and with greater rigor than we do toward gain. That said, I like how Paige tied the pain concept to the greater “why.” Regardless of your opinion, digging deep enough to understand why a prospect wants to make a change will always put you in the driver’s seat.
  2. Turn Chaos into Calm: Take a look at the immediate world around you. I’m talking about your daily calendar, your personal sales process, and heck even the notifications on your phone. Living in a constant state of chaos and distraction is a heavy mental burden and it’s exhausting. If you find yourself scatterbrained and never having enough time, stop what you’re doing and write down three things you can do to change your environment. Then actually do it.
  3. Make the Main Thing the Main Thing: I’m not a proponent of multitasking. In fact, I’ve read all the studies that prove that it’s actually not possible. As you look at all the things on your plate, what’s the main thing you need to get accomplished this week? What’s the main thing you have to get accomplished today? What’s the main thing you have to accomplish in the next hour? Focus on that. The rest will sort itself out.

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