023 – Get Into The Game: Turning Long Shots into Slam Dunks | Patrick Giusti

023 – Get Into The Game: Turning Long Shots into Slam Dunks | Patrick Giusti

For Patrick Giusti, the love of basketball will always mean more to him than a few years playing professionally in Europe. It has more significance than any game ball he earned or three-pointer he scored in the last second.

Because for Patrick, his sports background is more than where he came from. It’s a way of life. It’s a path to success in the sales world, with each sale as satisfying as that perfect “swoosh.”

He has led sales teams at huge corporations, including SAP and Oracle, before taking his current role as Chief Revenue Officer at a location-based, in-store shopping experience application called Point Inside.

There he operates with the same mindset he had at SAP and Oracle: he’s in it to win it. And how he accomplishes that game plan has everything to do with people.

From hiring and coaching his sales reps to placing value on the positive customer experience, Patrick knows what it takes to run a successful sales team.

And, true to his admittedly competitive nature, he loves to train others to uphold his desire to win a sale.


  1. Know the Key Players: Get to know who you are selling to before you meet them. Technology offers you a valuable resource of information about a person based on their professional networks, profiles and even published work. Seize the opportunity to know more than your competition by getting to know a person’s interests, passions and business practices prior to meeting them.
  2. The Biggest Play of the Game (Happens First): You know the saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” In sales, the biggest play of the game is often the very first one. That starts with getting to know who you’re talking to and who you’re selling to, but it digs deeper than that. It means knocking it out of the park on the first try by coming prepared with the product knowledge and insights necessary to do so.
  3. Play to the Audience: Understanding the role your prospect plays in the whole game is crucial to sales success. It’s one thing to sell an idea, product or service to the decision-makers in an organization. It’s something else entirely whether that idea, product or service resonates with the them. Figuring out the incentives each player has in a decision is another way to ensure a lasting victory for everyone involved.

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