100 – You Have My Permission | Jim Brown

100 – You Have My Permission | Jim Brown

Jim Brown (@Jim_Brown) is the founder of SalesTuners, a sales enablement and acceleration firm focused on helping tech companies thrive. They work with clients to increase pipeline, qualify opportunities, and win bigger deals. As host of the weekly SalesTuners podcast, Jim fosters conversations featuring the actions, attitudes, and ability of great sales leaders and high performing individual salespeople.

This week marks the 100th episode milestone for the podcast. As Jim reflects, he focuses episode 100 on the theme of permission. Applied to personal and professional development, it’s the idea of permitting oneself to act in self-interest, both in the present as well as building foundations for the future.

What is the physical manifestation of permission? Jim believes it’s the inner belief and empowerment to confidently stand out from the crowd and embrace risks. Be bold, he says: take trips, explore cultures, develop personal leadership, express creativity, redefine and prioritize relationships. Don’t hesitate to pursue passions. By refusing to be normal, he says, a self-identity will emerge focused on extraordinary results.

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