097 – Breaking Down the What and How of Sales Calls | Sam Hay

097 – Breaking Down the What and How of Sales Calls | Sam Hay

Sam Hay (@SamuelDave) is an Account Executive at Costello, a sales playbook software built to align frontline sales reps, managers, and VPs of sales to foster success. As Costello’s first sales hire, he has made more than 13,000 cold calls during the past 12 months.

An Indianapolis native, Sam left shortly after high school for Olivet Nazarene University to continue his dream of playing soccer. He quickly returned, noting the plethora of opportunities being created within Indy’s tech community. As a self-proclaimed “wheeler-and-dealer,” he naturally found his niche by focusing on sales techniques and development.

He believes in personalizing conversations. In his experience, no two calls are linear and no two processes are exactly replicable. So, he focuses on asking the right questions to allow his interactions to be more natural while conveying a message that is relatable to the person on the other end. Efficiently navigating a conversation is key, Sam notes, by first identifying problems to then foster solutions. His approach builds trust and fuels sales growth.


  1. Set Daily Goals: I know most of you listening to this are the type that set a really big vision for your year. Unfortunately, it’s too hard to see that far into the future. Break down that annual goal and know exactly what goes into it. What do you have to accomplish this quarter? What about this month? What about this week? What about today? The more incremental your goal is, the better chance you have of iterating on what works and achieving the overarching metrics. The last thing you want is to get too far down the road and realize you have no chance of success.
  2. You Have the Right to Call Prospects: Unless you’re day one at your company, the reality is, you’ve had more conversations about your product and solution than any of your prospects. What does that mean? It means you have a right to call and reach out to prospects you believe have the problem your company solves. I believe if what you’re offering truly does solve the problem you’re calling about, not only do you have the right, you have the duty to help them.
  3. Let Prospects Save You: This is one of my favorite tactics in sales. From cold calls all the way through the sales cycle, the notion of intentionally playing dumb can work to your advantage. Notice, I did NOT say, “be dumb,” I said, “play dumb.” Even when I know the answer to a question, I will find a way to ask it — even going so far as saying, “help me out here, what does X mean” or “how does Y happen.” Your prospects will save you… if you let them.

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