025 – The Not So Dirty World of Sales | Sam McKenna

025 – The Not So Dirty World of Sales | Sam McKenna

Before breaking sales records, earning dozens of awards and being named sales rep of the year, Sam McKenna (@smckenna719) had her mind made up about the sales industry.

Now the senior director of sales at ON24, Sam hold every sales record imaginable at her prior firm where she also had the largest contract signed, highest above quarter percentage in one year, largest multi-year deal and highest number of contracts signed in one year.

That’s quite a reputation for someone who thought of sales as somewhat of a dirty word before she started working in the business Back then, she thought of sales as something nobody really wants to do. She thought of it as inconveniencing people to get ahead.

Thanks to experience, Sam will be the first to tell anyone that now she knows better. A lot better.

She puts that knowledge to work on a daily basis at ON24, a webinar-based marketing solution for demand generation and customer engagement.

And while the Swiss native, French speaking powerhouse has gotten more than 35 speeding tickets, Sam knows speed is best left in the driver’s seat.

Instead of working quick sales, Sam values the journey as much as the destination. She seeks to get to know prospects by being polite, asking the right questions and putting their needs above all else.


  1. Be Polite: Prospects are more than just a number on a sales chart. He or she is a person with a whole life outside the office just like your own. Remembering that in meetings, phone calls and email outreach can make all the difference when it comes down to cultivating a relationship and ultimately making the sale.
  2. Get Prospects Become Storytellers: Sales is not a pitch. It’s a conversation. How can you structure your questioning to get a prospect comfortable enough to just open up and tell you a story? Sure, you could tell them a million things about your solution, but what does their world really look like?
  3. Show the Cost of Inaction: Sometimes it’s not about what they think they have. It’s about what they are losing. Showing your prospects the cost of inaction can often times be more effective than anything else. How much is it costing them to maintain the status quo? How can your product or service make their life easier? How can your offering keep them out from being embarrassed in their next meeting their boss?

Book Recommendation


  • Octiv – Transform the way your sales assets are created, distributed and tracked around the world. Because a better sales process is a better buying experience.

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