075 – Believe in the Process, the Product, and Yourself | Scott Ingram

075 – Believe in the Process, the Product, and Yourself | Scott Ingram

Scott Ingram, (@ScottIngramStrategic Account Manager at Relationship One, an Oracle Marketing Cloud systems integrator, says his passion lives at the intersection of marketing, sales, and technology. What drives Scott is the ability to serve his clients on a daily basis.

When he’s not in an active sales cycle, Scott deconstructs world-class sales performers as the host of the Sales Success Stories podcast where he talks to reps who have made it into the top 1% at their respective companies.

Learning from his guests on his show and career as a whole, Scott believes a commonality among high performers is self-awareness. The top 1% have learned to maximize their value by understanding who they are and what they bring to the table.


  1. Open and Close Shop: Airline pilots go through a checklist before taking off. Restaurant managers have a standard operating procedure for each shift. I have check downs for the conversations on this podcast. The point I’m trying to make is that you should have a routine each and every day that helps you begin and end your work session. Being intentional about the time you have creates your opportunity for success.
  2. Be Confident in Execution: To be good in sales, you need to have confidence in your solution and believe it can solve a customer’s challenges. But, to be great in sales, you have to truly believe in yourself. Your biggest competitor or obstacle is the man in the mirror and the matter that exists between your two ears. To execute at the highest level, you have to get your mind and attitude aligned with your priorities.
  3. Go Talk to Customers: Some of you have listened to all 75 episodes of this show and have been waiting for the secret. Well, here it is, go talk to customers. I don’t mean at them, I mean talk with them. Get to know why they bought your solutions. What did they believe they were actually getting. Where has it fallen short? What do they wish they could do better? Listen intently to the words they use. These stories can help create better conversations with future prospects and translate their enthusiasm into larger commissions.

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