087 – Addicted to the Process | Scott Leese

087 – Addicted to the Process | Scott Leese

Scott Leese is the Senior Vice President of Sales at Qualia. With more than a decade of sales leadership experience, Scott has a track record of building and scaling numerous multi-million dollar teams. Having been named a Top 25 Inside Sales Leader by AA-ISP, Scott captured his sales insights in his new book, “Addicted to the Process.”

With health struggles, battling both addiction and the need for life-saving surgeries, Scott saw used sales as a catalyst for his career. Breaking down his own recovery process, he saw the parallels between addicts and uncovering a prospect’s problem and getting them to admit it.

Regardless of whether it’s an outbound or inbound lead, the process is the same: find pain, build value, stress urgency, and discuss solutions. Stressing the importance of discovery, Scott said uncovering “why” the problem needs to be solved, is the key event in each sales cycle.

One way Scott has been successful is by staying clear to his mission and surrounding himself with people who raise him up. In his words, “not everybody can move up with you, so you need to re-evaluate the people you’re spending time with continually.”


  1. Stick With What Works: Once you find a system that works, stick with it. As obvious as it may sound, too often we want to tinker with things out of boredom. Your goal should be to strip everything down to the smallest set of choices you can possibly have and then run those plays consistently.
  2. Lean Into Objections: The buyer knows every objection they’re going to come up with before they ever decided to talk to you. And unfortunately, they’re not just going to go away. That said, don’t shy away from them. Lean directly into them and have the conversations about known challenges as early in the process as possible. This will accelerate the good deals and get you out of the bad deals.
  3. Strip Out Complexity: Regardless of how much your product can do, figure out the top 3-4 pain points your ideal customers face and solve for those. That’s it. Now, you may be thinking that comment should be focused on your internal product team, but it’s not. When you talk about all the features you can provide, all you do is confuse people including yourself. Focusing on a smaller subset of real value help you create the right conversation and position accordingly.

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