041 – Waiting to Exhale: Showing Prospects You Care | Todd Muffley

041 – Waiting to Exhale: Showing Prospects You Care | Todd Muffley

Sometimes it takes getting thrown into the fire to learn what your strengths are. That was certainly the case for Todd Muffley, who recently sold his agency Fat Atom after 12 years running it.

A consummate idea man, Todd has sold everything from chemicals to vinyl fencing, to ads above urinals and even pre-cooked family dinners.

Before he entered the business world, Todd was a Morse code interpreter for the U.S. Army, and for the last three years, he spent more than a month of each summer living on a sailboat named “Exhale” that he and his wife own in North Carolina.

He believes in going all-in in whatever he tries to accomplish, and has sold more than $15 million dollars worth of marketing services throughout his career.

And all of it started when he was thrown into the fire selling chemicals for the family business. It only took three years for Todd to become salesman of the year selling something he knew very little about.

How? Todd embraces the importance of knowing where everyone is coming from and adapting to that to make a sale. Simply put, he believes in showing prospects you care.


  1. Nurture Wins: Nurture campaigns are an investment, but they can pay huge dividends in the long-term. In general, no one will ever buy less because you care more. Finding ways to engage with prospects at another level than simply making a phone call or sending an email makes a significant difference these days. What can you send a prospect to differentiate yourself and show them you really care?
  2. Push Your Tone to the Limit: On a scale of one to ten, with one being beloved Fred Rogers and ten being brutally honest Joan Rivers, where do you fall? Being nice is nice and all, but sometimes it helps to step outside your comfort zone. Understanding where you fall on this tonal scale is important, but more important is finding the line of where your prospects sit. What can you say to move them to the edge of emotion and stand out in their inbox? If you upset some people along the way, so be it. It doesn’t make sense to dwell on the one or two people you may have shocked when you see the increased pipeline you’re able to build.
  3. Understand the Curse of Knowledge: You know what they say about making assumptions, right? Don’t do it. Why? Because aside from the obvious negative consequences, the knowledge in your head may be harder for others to comprehend than you think. It’s easy to assume that because you have domain knowledge, everyone does. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case. It’s always better to start fresh and build upon a mutual understanding than to assume you’re already on the same page.

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