072 – Mastering the Craft of $100M Sales Opportunities | Trong Nguyen

072 – Mastering the Craft of $100M Sales Opportunities | Trong Nguyen

Trong Nguyen, Regional Services Manager at ServiceNow, likes being told it’s impossible. Hearing ‘no’ has motivated him into becoming the high performing sales leader he is today. Having closed monster accounts for globally known brands like IBM, Dell, and Microsoft, Trong wrote a book about his journey entitled “Winning the Cloud.”


He has not always been a 100-million dollar enterprise-level salesperson, however, Trong learned early on the importance of being comfortable in front of people. He put in the work day one to gain the skills he needed to be successful and believes to be great in sales, preparation is key.

Trong suggests starting at the bottom of the organization to reach top-level executives. By calling on various departments, you can learn all the data around their business and bridge communication between groups to add more value when you land the conversations.


  1. Put in the Work: Trong talked about how he views sales as a craft. As any artist or athlete knows, you have to put in the time to become great. I see too many reps today think that showing up to sales calls is all the practice they need. I hate to tell you this, but you’re not going to rise to the occasion under pressure. If you want to become truly great, you’ve got to put in the work when no one else is looking or expecting you to do it.
  2. Get Comfortable Sharing Challenging Information: There’s a song that says “It’s not always rainbows and butterflies” — while I don’t think they had sales in mind when they sang it those lyrics, it definitely applies. It’s easy to share positive information, but if you want an executive to actually see value in you, you’ve got to break the internal filter of information they get. Share what’s actually going on, no matter how challenging it may be.
  3. Take a Portfolio Approach: It would be nice to only spend our time working on enormous deals, but the reality is we have to balance both the long and short term. Regardless of your average contract value, make sure you identify the acceptable deals you can get done quickly and the typical deals you would expect to close, but also sprinkle in some ideal prospects that you know will take longer to close.

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