029 – The Power of Persuasion: Give Your Pipeline the Green Light | Morgan J. Ingram

029 – The Power of Persuasion: Give Your Pipeline the Green Light | Morgan J. Ingram

It didn’t take Morgan J. Ingram (@morganjingram) long after graduating from the University of Georgia to put together a plan B.

In 2015, he graduated with a double major in sports management and finance thinking maybe he’d be a sports agent. But instead of heading to law school, which he found to be the next step on the path to becoming a reputable agent, Morgan sought out like-minded people.

He made some calls. And he made some things happen.

How? He has the energy, the passion and the mindset to excel in sales and believes wholeheartedly that anyone with these traits as their foundation can be successful.

Two years later, Morgan is the Manager of Sales Development at Terminus, a B2B account-based marketing firm that Morgan said helps B2B marketers become superheroes.

None of that has come together willy-nilly. Instead, Morgan’s key to success has involved putting his dedication to work for him every single day by staying focused and recognizing that just because sales is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.


  1. Think Big Even If You Start Small: Anyone who’s either lived it before or is living it now knows the truth about being a sales development representative: it’s tough. SDRs are pushed hard, work long hours and go into work every single day knowing they’re going to get rejected over and over again. But, if you can master the art of opening up new opportunities, your career will open up in ways you may never have imagined. The mental toughness of those who persevere, those who thrive, those who live to tell the tale are prepared for anything.
  2. Understand Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy: Prospecting is simple, but it’s not easy. The tasks of calling, emailing, and connecting on social media are simple enough on their own. But the actual work and grind of it all is tough. It requires endurance. It means not taking no for an answer. Pushing back when you meet resistance is hard, but you should never be afraid to challenge a person. Dig a little deeper, ask a follow-up question they can’t not answer and stay the course.
  3. Break the Pattern: Stop and think for a minute. When is the last time you answered that “how are you” question honestly? The thought is there, but the question is stale. Instead, break the pattern by asking “what did I catch you in the middle of?” Whether you’re making calls, you can’t sound like every other salesperson on the planet. Disarm them by coming out of the gate with a strong question, mirroring their tone and taking the time to have a real conversation.

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